Glitchy Latte dock

This is my latte-dock layout.

This is what I see after each login.

The top panel is just keep pushing everything to centre, also happens when I put my clock at most right and system tray aside of it: the system tray come to centre when I login.
Does anyone know how to fix this?

There are spacers in the Latte dock, rightclick ths panel & drag the right spacer into the middle :eyes:


Maybe it should be mentioned that you have to switch from the dock to the bar to do this. :wink:

I know. I want both of the "Justify Splitter" in the middle so that my applets can stay at left and right, but it just automatictly push the right side applets to the centre.

It is a top PANEL and a bottom DOCK.

Sure, but in the PANEL you should switch from dock to panel in the upper left corner to move that stuff.

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I remember this happening to me once too, I needed several tries for the justifier to stay in place (mid).

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