GitLab Changelog stuck on 220101

I am reading a couple of changelogs back to see if I missed some package/configuration changes that I would want to apply to my 210101 installation but it seems the latest changelog on gitlab is 220101.

Searching here I came across the 220428 changelog, but not 220614.

Maybe I missed an annoucement somewhere that doesn't pop-up when searching for "changelog", should I then consider changelogs from 220428 are not going to be stored on gitlab?

220614 is not a release, so there is no changelog for it. Changelogs are only published for releases.
220614 is a "routine" ISO refresh.
Why 220428 isn't on gitlab? I don't know. @dr460nf1r3 probably forgot to paste the "upcoming" changelog into a new file.

Ok sounds good.
220428 doesn't sound like a routine ISO refresh though, judging by the extensive changelog. Although maybe I am mistaken on that as well?

EDIT: Darn it, you edited at the same time as I posted. :smiley:
Tnx for the edit, I will wait for dragon...

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