Gigabyte G5 Laptop with an NVidia 3050

This is a pretty general question. I have used many distros on desktops, but haven’t really found one geared much towards gaming. I have a Gigabyte G5 Laptop with an NVidia 3050 (Nothing top of the line, it was on a huge sale when I bought it for $499 back in late 2022).

Do you think it will work well on this laptop? I’d rather put something other than Windows on that laptop, but just want to be sure. Maybe too much of a general question…

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Welcome to garuda

Try the live usb version of garuda and test drive it :smiley:


I got the RTX3050 in my second laptop , it works great without any issue (Using proprietary drivers ) and Cuda .


I just jumped right into it. It works great :slight_smile: Only took some time to set up my Brother MFC-J995DW Multfunction Printer but I figured it out (it’s set up as a network printer… I learned how to use cups pretty quick). Had to use a universal “IPP Everywhere” driver and ensure my laptop was on the same wifi band (which is strange, but it worked).

Either way, pretty seamless. I’m more use to Debian Based Distros, so this is new territory for me. I like learning new things. I can’t be on Debian forever lol.

The proprietary drivers all work great.

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I did it first and it worked great, and rolled with it. Only had an issue with my Brother MFC-J995DW printer, but that was resolved after some tinkering. It’s great learning something new.

I love all the options included in the gaming edition of Garuda. Pretty sweet. I loaded up Heroic Games Launcher and it works great in conjunction with Wine. Wine I must say is rock solid from what I’ve tried. Some games aren’t yet supported, but it’s okay. The main ones I like are.

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