Getting slow internet speed inside intellij based IDEs

I Just Installed Garuda Linux , I am getting slow download speeds while downloading dependencies or sdks inside intellij Based IDEs like intellij idea or android studio.

I tested the same thing on my windows dual boot and everything is fine there i am getting full download speed

The download speed is limited to 250-300kbps inside Garuda but it is okay in my windows install

Note that outside of IDE download speed is fine there is no issue

So i want to know if there is any solution for this issue, why arch is limiting the download speed, is there any configuration which is blocking intellij based severs ?

Hi there, welcome to the community.

Can you please share how are you installing? For installing intellij idea ultimate, simply run

sudo pacman -Syu intellij-idea-ultimate-edition

similarly, for android studio,

sudo pacman -Syu android-studio

should be fine.

I don't have issue in installing the IDEs, but when I try to downloads the project dependencies or SDKs through the IDE, the download speed is very much slow

It is working perfectly fine here

Can you be a bit more specific, like linking the project or dependencies that are having issues?

For example, mine Rust Programming Website is a Gatsby project. Git Link

I can clone and install dependencies using npm install perfectly fine.

Also, when I was working with flutter_rust_bridge, that worked fine too.

So, linking the project might be helpful

Sorry for the confusion, I only have the internet speed issues while downloading Android SDKs or Android project dependencies through Android Studio IDEs
The issue is only with intellij based IDEs

There is no any specific project which is having issue downloading dependencies, but the whole IDE is having slow internet speed

Network Speed is normal everywhere except the intellij IDE and Android Studio

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