Getting Rid of the Guest User

Hi there, it's my first post! And I'd like some help please.

I am having some trouble with the Guest User, I don't need it and I want to get rid of it. I tried to delete it, but not only it comes back everytime, now whenever I try to give it a password, it doesn't stick after I reboot the machine (it had a passw before I deleted it for the first time)

And as I have a partition with my files seted up to be mounted on boot, the no-password persistent Guest User have access to it, which can be a big security hole.

Now, I know Linux users are supposed to be all worked up on tech and line comands, but go easy on me, I'm super lost with any advanced stuff, please don't assume I know anything but the very basics xD
And thanks for the help already \o/

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Forum search on "guest account"

Anything else, Forrest?


Yes, but I gotta run! xD
Anywho, thanks for the response; I really didn't think anyone else would be annoyed by the guest user tho o.o

Wait there is a Guest user :exploding_head: I never noticed it.

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Then I mark it solved!


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