Getting around the Discourse (forum) edit bug

Dumb 1AM post, here we go :slight_smile: if this is in the wrong category, please feel free to move it.

Some of you may already have figured this out, but I've seen a number of posts recently saying they couldn't edit their original post. I just ran into this bug and managed to figure it out, so I thought I'd share in case it helps someone out there.

The bug:
Click edit (at the bottom of your post or the orange pencil > edit post), nothing happens. No area appears for you to edit your post.

Reply to the topic as though you're about to create a new post, then click the edit button. You should now see in the top left corner of the draft box that you're editing your post rather than replying to the topic.

From this:

to this:

However, as you can see, your post won't appear in the draft box. Unfortunately, you'll need to copy your post and stick it in there. Once you've done that and edited the post to your hearts content, save the edit. Viola, your edit is saved. :smiley:

The topic featured in this post, and the proof that this worked, is here: Qemu-base & Qemu-desktop conflicting dependencies - #11 by lum1nuss

Hope this helps, especially for the forum mods here who have to clean up our newb mess. ^^ Hopefully there will be a better solution in the future too, or the bug just stops happening. That'd be ideal hahaha


Nah it's 9h30 in the morning here. :smiley:

There is also another way: Reply to the topic (same start), copy your post you want to edit in the Reply box, save it and DELETE your post you wanted to edit so you don't have 2 very very similar posts.

I'll try your way next time! :smiley:

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Dang, if I go to sleep it'll soon be that time here! :joy:

Good strat, but if someone posts a response right after the initial post, you've lost your chance to delete that post (unless you explicitly say that you reposted your post) :pensive:

This method works after someone else has replied to the topic. Give it a shot! :smiley:

Hmm, I just discovered that this method only works with replies, and not with OPs. Sad hours. The bug just happened with the OP of this thread lolll, will have to figure it out some other time.

Correct. Not that good then (my method). loll

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