Get your logs back in ArchLinux with syslog-ng

If in ArchLinux we want to have that log back where it always is, in order to know authentication attempts on our computer and others, to have a certainty of security beyond the firewall, syslog-ng can be an excellent alternative.

First we must install it in ArchLinux:

sudo pacman -S syslog-ng

Once installed, we proceed to start it:

sudo systemctl start syslog-ng

Then, so that it starts automatically we enable it with enable:

sudo systemctl enable syslog-ng

If it fails to start the service try:

systemctl start [email protected]

systemctl enable [email protected]

This is good and all but this isn't an issue and belongs under community which is where I've moved it too.


ok thank you

What's wrong with the journal?


I was used to find the auth.log file under /var/log.

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