Get New Wallpapers option not working

Hello All,

I am trying to download wallpaper from the 'Get New Wallpapers' under Desktop Folder Settings. It is kind of greyed out and doesn't open any windows to download KDE user submitted wallpapers. Please let me know if there is any option to get it fixed.



This happens sometimes, I don't what and how lead to it, but a workaround for it.

  • Go to Plasma Desktop Settings - Wallpaper.
  • Change layout Desktop to Folder View, or vice versa, base your preference.
  • Apply and click the button Get New Wallpapers. It may works.
  • Then change the layout back.
  • Apply and click Get New Wallpapers. It now may works.

If it not works, try several times.


Change the wallpaper layout or wallpaper types, apply and click Get New Wallpapers button, and change back. As a workaround it may works.


As it just happened to me. I see its when inactive blur is active. Thank you for the fix!