General Request

I'm here to thank the developers for bringing this Linux Distro. I'm a huge fan. But also i have some issues and requests to make..


  1. I experience screen tear while screen recording and editing as well as gaming. My Biggest Concern
  2. OS is too much bloated for me. There are 90-95% of the apps i don't use or I don't need.
  3. The ZSH which is pre-installed is very laggy. I tried removing the themes but i didn't find a way how to do it.


Kindly make this OS less bloated. I LOVE this OS so much that i personally recomended my friends to use it. one special request is to make the installer a net installer where we choose which softwares we need to keep the installation very minimal.. I understand it is not possible to follow the request for one perticular user.. but trust me this might make GARUDA LINUX the GREATEST of all...


  1. the btrfs file system rocks..
  2. auto system snapshot while updating..
  3. smooth
  4. less resource hunggry... but at times it uses 3-4GB of my 8GB ram plus 1-2GB from swap..

i hope this messege will reach the developers and we might see the GREATEST LINUX DISTRO in the near future....


Probably a driver issue. Start a new thread about it.

Use the Lite edition. :wink:

What sort of lag, and in what situations? Again, it's better to start a new thread for a specific issue.


Try using bash instead of zsh
chsh -s /bin/bash
If it is still lagging, create a separate thread

There are several net installer available :wink:. We don't ike to repeat anybody :sweat_smile:, we aim to create our own image among distros :smiley:

It is not using extra resources, it is making your PC Faster :grin:. Refer


No matter how many times that link is posted I doubt it helps to change people's mindset.

What's the point in having 32 GB of RAM if you only want the system to utilize 1.5 GB max?

4 Likes :stuck_out_tongue: Bloatware is always a matter of perspective.

Inspect the file ~/.zshrc. Here you will find a line which activates our p10k theme if you delete it you will have a plain half-life oh-my-zsh theme (can be changed at the top of the file).

# Activate powerlevel10k theme
source /usr/share/zsh-theme-powerlevel10k/powerlevel10k.zsh-theme

If you dont like oh-my-zsh you can remove all of its related things out of this file.


Yes, bloat is always a matter of perspective, but it then begs the question, why install the Ultimate Edition?

You basically have two choices in this type of situation.

  1. Install the lite edition and then install and configure all system components that you require yourself.

  2. Install the Ultimate Edition with its fully configured system, then remove the programs you do not wish to use.

Depending on your familiarity with Arch based systems the right option will vary with the users skill level.

Option 1 is better for those used to configuring an Arch system themself. Option 2 is more suitable for users unfamiliar with, or not wanting to mess with configuring their own system.

The choice is yours.


Hi I have a request to provide the pre-configured dotfiles of i3 or any WM editions, maybe a GitHub repo or something of that kind.


Its already there, have a look at our GitLab :blush: for example


Oops sorry for not searching it beforehand. I thought there was no github repo :sweat_smile:

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Why do the round corners break?

I have no round corners :slight_smile:

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Uhh this is the default one in the gitlab repository, when I first installed it was great now it is looking ugly. Also your config is cool can you share it?

For me this is also new and my English is moderate but you can always reset the settings or run the settings program again.

It is a bit more than just the config I think here is the link to the author and his config and other stuff.


Thanks will check this out.


i tried the lite edition of KDE too... but i faced screen tearing... i uninstalled the gpu driver and reinstalled it... same issue... then i moved to ultimate... but then issue not resolved... then moved to gnome (which i don't prefer...) ... everything was fine for me... finally i found conky working fine in an arch based distro... in manjaro or other arch derivatives conky doesnt work properly (constant negetive ram values) but in garuda everything was awesome... just the screen tearing... i so want to use Garuda but screen tearing is pain... btw i use AMD R5 m330 in laptop... can you help me...

Please start a new thread for a new issue.


Try Compositor support setting (Display Settings) to OpenGL 2.0


but it stops the desktop effects.... but anyway i will try... thanx