General questions about Garuda and Kernels


I have been an Arch user and have been derived for 5 years.

I have read a bit of the site documentation. And I think I should have read the Arch Wiki about btrfs.

He was able to install it without problems. And it works wonders in my second
computer ( I3 with intel graphic).

I have three questions left, or confirmations that I would appreciate help me.

  1. Is the kernel, tkg-bmq suitable for office use, python and docker calculations? Is that I see many kernels.

  2. It is possible to have two kernels, automatically. Or should I add them manually?

  3. All packages are from the Arch and Chaotic repositories. Is there no Garuda syndication program?

Thank you.
Good work, :wave:, and I keep testing it.



Any change you make you have to initiate - if you want a second kernel then install one.

Correct - Garuda is "Arch plus".

Finally, welcome to the forum! :grin:


Thank you @jonathon