Garudalinux not appearing in boot menu

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I have just downloaded garuda linux xfce lite edition and installed it on my pc from live usb but after installation garuda linux disappers from boot menu and the space associated with garuda gets empty when I check it from disk manager in windows 10.
My hard disk supports gpt partitions.
Can anybody help please as I am very much excited to use my new garuda linux in dual boot along with windows 10.

Hi there @anon8608445, and welcome to the forum.

I guess I'd have to ask a couple of questions before giving you advice.

Have you ever used Linux before.

How familiar are you with using partitioning programs.

Have you ever used Linux partitioning programs before (such as Gparted).

I would highly suggest you watch or read some online tutorials on gparted usage before getting too far into setting up your partitions.

Be very careful before making any changes to your partition structure. Backing up your data before making any changes is always a good precaution.

I'm not trying to scare you, but you should be familiar with partitioning before making changes.


Uhm, IIRC Windows know only his own file system. So it looks empty but it isn't. :slight_smile:


I was going to say that, but I haven't used M$ products in so long I wasn't sure if M$ had finally admitted other files systems exist besides their own. Not much has changed I see.


Thanx all for your response but the problem was solved as I did manual partitioning and after that it asked me to create a fat32 partition with mount point boot and I did as instructed and it started working.
Thanx for assistance.

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