Garuda with no desktop effects

Hello I am posting this after A few months now,and recently I tried to fix my computer but it was not so I punched in the power supply and a miracle happened and it somehow turned on,I decided to install Garuda in it as it needs some beauty ,but when I installed garuda,it looked as not at it was... ththis PC was very bad configuration

Sorry I cant post the the configuration for now,

in the settings every animations were turned on
Desktop effects where to
But it had and slightly unsettling look with broken Windows which multiplybut it had and slightly unsettling look with broken Windows which multiply time by time
And was very laggy and buggy

please tell a sollution ,i wan my garuda linux'

So this is a new installation? Of what?
inxi -Faz?
The problem description is way too generic.
Something makes me think to the compositor. You could check if it is up and running.
Maybe also graphic drivers? Who knows, without inxi...?


sorry @filo i dont have a keybord so i am somehow tytingg through on screen keybord in win7 now i have deleted the kde so let me reinstall that

now i am using garuda way fire which is olso messed up

One last chance before this thread is binned.

Please post your output of:

inxi -Faz


Once again, please, put yourself in the shoes of someone who is trying to help.
KDE, wayfire, laggy, buggy, messed up, with no specs, no further info. Where do we start from?
It's not a matter of typos or windows touchscreen. Nobody cares much about the form, but we need some fact, in a new, correct, thread.