Garuda Wiki Update

Hi guys,

So I recently installed Garuda following the steps found in and I have some comments:

  • The page could also show the drive space needed to burn the ISO to (I used a 128gb micro sd because I barely own any pendrives but probably won't be the case for most people).

  • In the page it says that Powerlevel10k is the default zsh theme. But the dragonized version (which is the one I downloaded) comes with fish as default, so "p10k configure" obviously does nothing. So it would be nice to have something like "If you're running the Dragonized version which comes with fish, to customize fish [...]" or even just a "not applicable to Dragonized since it comes with fish".

Besides that, I just wanted to say that having a "security" step in the wiki was a real plus. Kudos!



Just added the suggested changes as I find them to be useful as well :smiley:
Thanks :grin:


Holly cow that was insanely fast! Thank you!

I am confident these will be very helpful for the future users!


Updated russian localization correspondingly. :blush: