Garuda wayfire installer problems

Flashed usb-stick today with etcher.
Basically, the installer can't be launched for some reason. I've tried to launch it via Garuda Menu and just using Super+Shift+Enter menu but nothing happens. In htop there are system-related processes only. Maybe I'm really stupid or missed something important during pre-installation? Is there specific hardware problems with this distro?

You arent using NVIDIA?

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nope, only intel integrated graphics right now.

Try in terminal

sudo calamares -d

post output here as text.

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No protocol specified
qt.qpa.xcb: could not connect to display :0
qt.qpa.plugin: Could not load the Qt platform plugin "xcb" in "" even though it was found.
This application failed to start because no Qt platform plugin could be initialized. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.

Available platform plugins are: eglfs, linuxfb, minimal, minimalegl, offscreen, vnc, wayland-egl, wayland, wayland-xcomposite-egl, wayland-xcomposite-glx, xcb.

zsh: abort sudo calamares -d

sudo -E calamares -d -platform wayland


thanks, that helped. You are amazing, guys!