Garuda Wallpapers

First I just want to give credit where credit is due, I absolutely love Garuda's Wallpapers and whoever creates them or even has a hand in it does some amazing work! I have a nice little collection of them, basically any that have dropped in my year and ½ or so with the distro but I've seen screenshots out there in the wild containing what I assume to be wallpapers from before my time that also look damn cool. Curious if there's a repo out there (official or unofficial, matters not) containing all/most Garuda Wallpapers from past, present (and future)?

This is obviously not a pressing need, just a curiosity. Thanks for your time and consideration :slightly_smiling_face:


Here you go :slight_smile:




SGS / Wallpaper · GitLab Garuda :slight_smile:

BTW. But there are certainly some to see in the screenshots, which are not from me :rofl:


It's great to have such a talented artist in our team :partying_face:


hey, who is the artist of ghosts.png?

Thank you @SGS !

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