Garuda VPN download

hello I wondering if this VPN right here BytzVPN and BytzTOR since it says ubuntu can it still be installed on Garuda? I don't know much about using Linux but I'm trying to learn thanks in advance for any help!

First, any OpenVPN server can be added to any Linux system.

Second, you can ask paid-for services directly for support:



I did but they didn't know anything about this distro and seemed reluctant to attempt to help beyond ubuntu

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Yes, so, adding an OpenVPN service to Network Manager just needs you to install networkmanager-openvpn and to set it up using the service's settings.

Other than that, if you go outside of what the service officially supports then you're kind of on your own.


thanks man much appreciated!

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VPN's are pretty damn cheap these days, and ubiquitous, it may be worth your while to seek out a VPN that offers good linux options and support. Having good linux support or a good community of linux users is really nice.

Some services have decent clients for Linux, and some better support linux whether it be through a their own app or (rarely) through network-manager-openvpn or another tool.

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yeah I just like to help out the smaller people with that kind of stuff I follow the dude who made the VPN on youtube. He makes degoogled phones and all kinds of stuff

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