Garuda-update: passthrough of unknown cli arguments

Hey there,
I have just noticed, that garuda-update does not allow you to access some of the more advanced features of pacman, including --ignore. Since it's the preferred tool for updating because it often fixes issues right away I think it would be the right decision to just pass all unknown cli arguments (which seems to be anything that starts with -) to pacman.

In my case, the lastest pipewire update has completely broken some jack clients into either not detecting jack or not receiving or sending anything on any of it's ports.

I would be happy if you added this.

This is possible actually.
See e.g.:


oh that's neat. Why does garuda-update even read commands like --help if it doesn't recognize them? I don't think I have seen a single argument like that. I only ever see garuda-update remote fix or similar

I don't think so.
You may want to give a look at the wiki page:

And the Gitlab of course:


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