Garuda tools on other distributions?

Hey guys, jus putting this question out there in case anyone is curious as I am as I could not find an answer to this. I have no intention of leaving Garuda but I was just thinking if the applications such as boot manager and assistant and btrfs assistant and the other specific tools made for Garuda would work on other Arch based distributions like Manjaro and Endeavour etc. And if so, would this be done by using Paru or adding the repository? Again, I just ask out of curiosity as I don’t know if there’s anything that is specifically tying the applications to Garuda only. Thanks!

Well they should work as is
If you add Garuda repo

Or you could build them via pkgbuild on any arch base

You could rename them in any case they are gplv3 licenced it doesn't matter


AFAIK BTRFS assistant is available on other non Arch distros. For other apps, add garuda / Chaotic AUR repos like librewish mentioned.

I'm pretty sure @RodneyCK does something like this, to do his Frankenstein Garuda setup (it uses ext4 instead of Btrfs).

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It can be possible but it can be tricky as garuda tools are made for garuda and if you try to put it on other system then it can lead to big problems as may be it can do some unwanted changes in the system , which can cause the system to crash .
And before every update you will have to assure that it will not cause any break in the system ......

Finally i would say that this is good idea but i am in doubt that then what will difference between other OS(s) and garuda ?

I have a couple of Frankenstein Garuda setups, but my goal is a bit different than the OPs. I don't want to use BTRFS and Snapper, where I think the OP does. I also want EXT4 base.

My recommendation to them is if you are going to do it, find a distro that is pretty much a basic Arch setup, no fancy tools of their own or as in Manjaro's case (would not recommend this distro) they hold packages back for testing and have their own install specific scripts/tools, etc. I have done it with EndeavourOS in the past, adding the Garuda repos and letting Garuda's base scripts take over, and it worked marvelously.

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Some of the tools will work as-is, others might be more challenging.

It depends what they do and what else in the garuda ecosystem they depend on. For example, garuda assistant depends on certain packages being available which might not exist on other distros.

btrfs-assistant is distro agnostic. It is available via AUR as well as in the repos for Manjaro, Fedora and any distro using chaotic-aur.

I suspect boot manager would work on other Arch-based distros but that would require testing since I haven't looked at the code for that.

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