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I have the garuda theme right now, but when i change to any other theme, it doesn't apply to a lot of the parts and some elements are messing like the top panel that contains the time and wifi,etc. and the dock is also removed and not replaced with anything else.

What other theme are you using?
How are you applying it? From System Settings>Global Theme or from Application Style, Plasma Style, elsewhere?

It is the responsibility of the Theme to remove the previous theme et create its own elements. Unless you are not doing it Globally and then it affects only certain items.

I used the MacVentura-light theme, but you can see that some areas are still in dark color like the help and default area down in the photo, and the panel disappeared and it didn't appear even if i move my mouse everywhere on the screen, and the dock that was down also disappeared.
This happened in a lot of different themes i tried to use, especially the problem of the panel.
and sorry for replying late.

What Color Scheme do you have selected in Appearance>Colors?

Did you click the Check Box to apply Desktop Layout of you light theme? When you apply the theme you have a small dialog window poping up and you can usually select/deselect layouts to be applied.


I applied the both desktop and appearance settings checkbox and the color scheme is also selected to be MacVentura-light

Did you install it from System Settings?
Check out its Installation Instructions and description.

It says to not install via System Settings, if that’s what you did maybe it brought some issues.
But most important, it says it uses Latte-Dock, which Dr460nized does not and Global Themes do not install applications, you have to install Latte-Dock yourself first.

I have installed another Theme, first light one I saw on the list, Amy-Light-Global, and the Plasma Panel is created, cuz it’s Plasma Panel, not Latte-Dock.

However the same dark colors on some buttons and search windows occur. The reason for this is those Themes do not use Kvantum, which Dr460nized does when you look in Appearance and scroll every single config you will find it. Therefore they don’t disable it and Kvantum overrides colors.

See it’s still Sweet-Transparent-toolbar:

Remove kvantum with

paru -R kvantum garuda-dr460nized sweet-theme-full-git

(by doing this, you will not be able to go back to Dr460nized unless you reinstall the package first)

Select your desired SDDM Theme in Startup and Shutdown>Login Screen (SDDM), Log out and log back in.

All nice. :smiley:

Basically this is cuz the Themes get in conflict with Dr460nized theme and they don’t use as much configuration as Dr460nized does, so the left overs override the new Themes. This is the way Plasma works, it’s so damn customizable it makes it very hard to seamlessly switch from one config to another without a single conflict. This is why it’s always a good practice to review ALL of the settings in Appearance and see what’s wrong in there.


and how to install it with the garuda kvantum theme back?

I don't think it will work, unless you find a kvantum theme that fits the Global Theme (MacVentura).

Normally you just need to paru -S kvantum to reinstall it, without Dr460nized Theme.

I meant to reinstall garuda kvantum theme when i want to go back to the dr460nized theme.

You revert what you removed from my above command, like this:

paru -S kvantum garuda-dr460nized sweet-theme-full-git

And reapply the Global Theme.
You will lose all your custom theme configuration like Launchers, colors, widgets, and so on, and will have to add them back if need be.


thanks. i didn't apply anything more on top of the dr460nized theme so i don't think i need to add anything more.

but i still don't find the panel of the close and minimze windows when i maximize an app

Using which Theme? MacVentura? You need to install Latte-Dock for that.

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and for other themes that doesn't provide any requirement like latte?

Other themes normally use Plasma Panel, like Dr460nized does (up to early this year Dr460nized was using Latte too but not anymore).

Plasma Panel and Latte are in conflict and you can find yourself with both docks running at the same time or no dock at all, which is why you have to check the Theme's installation instructions.
When a theme uses Plasma Panel, applying the theme from Global Theme will automatically create the panel/dock, if the developpers did it right.


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