Garuda System Maintenance

I suddenly got a message from Garuda System Maintenance that I did a partial upgrade, so as nice users would do I opened garuda assistance and did a system update, but the partial upgrade message was still there, I clear the cache reboot...etc. and warning was still there, so I remember that I put pcsx2-git in ignore list, so I upgraded pcsx2, and the warning is gone, I understand the warning about the partial upgrade, but I don't think pcsx2-git is essential for the os to get a warning about the partial upgrade. thank you

The message is just warning you that the system is in a partially upgraded state. Only you can determine if that is a problem or not. I think it would be fairly difficult to programmatically determine if the partial upgrade state is putting the system at risk. Sometimes, based on their dependencies, even innocent looking client programs can cause a system breaking dependency issue.


I understand what are you saying, and I understand the point even a small unrelated package can break whole system, but the message that I got it to seem to me like when I have garuda apps at version x.xx I need Xorg version x.xx or higher. I like garuda and if that message is only for the core app of the OS it makes more sense to me.

I am not the developer of that application but I don't believe the design is related to letting you know when core applications are out of date. It isn't intended to be a type of update notifier.

I think the intent is letting you know your system is in partial upgrade state which could mean your system is at risk. At that point, you either need to bring the system fully up-to-date or decide you are OK with the risk based on what, specifically, is out of date.


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