Garuda Sway initial impressions and observations

First of all, I want to congratulate the team behind Garuda Sway :clap:

Guys, great job. Kudos on creating a marvelous desktop experience out of a WM :+1:

I'm a relatively experienced user but totally new to Sway WM and I installed Garuda Sway with not many expectations but boy! you guys blew all of my reservations away. The user interface design, the theming and the choice of installed applications is absolutely top notch. I was able to feel comfortable with this new beast in no time and I can safely say that I'm totally enjoying the experience now and this is coming from someone who is not a huge fan of tiling window managers in general.

A wee gotcha and perhaps the only gotcha that I've encountered thus far was easily solvable. In Thunar, right clicking and selecting Open Terminal Here didn't work but it was easily fixed by creating a file called ~/.config/xfce4/helpers.rc with the following snippet in it,


I hope that the maintainers will fix this little glitch in the future trelease.

And, as described earlier, I'm new to Sway WM so I'm not totally familiar with the keybindings and the keyhint feature available via clicking on the keyboard layout icon on waybar was useful but lacked many-many keybindings. So, I updated the file with all the required bells-&-whistles and I've already sent a merge request on Garuda's GitLab repo with this changes. I'm sure this will be included in the future releases and will be of help to new to Sway users.

That's it from e now and keep up the great work and keep making Garuda Sway the best there is.



Thanks for the kind words and the tip with the terminal.
It could be that the maintainer of Sway did not want to overload the cheat and therefore put the shortcuts in the wiki.

In Hyprland, i3wm are also not all inserted in the cheat, because WM users, including me, usually have their own ideas where what should go. In the end, they are just suggestions that you can easily change. :slight_smile:


Thank you for kind words. I will fix the Thunar thing.

I will look over the pull request. As SGS said it may be a bit too much but I think adding some more stuff will definitely be helpful.


hmm, interesting. might give it a shot some time.

Hi there SGS,

I agree with you that users usually have their personal preferences when it comes to keybindings but that is only true for experienced users. Users who are new to a WM will need a guiding hand to make them feel comfortable with this unfamiliar environment and hence the importance of an easily accessible cheat-sheet becomes essential in my personal opinion. Later on in their journey once they have mastered the environment, they for sure will change the defaults to their liking and at that stage they won't need any cheat-sheet but that stage comes way late.

Hello @OdiousImp

You or other maintainer doesn't have to do any extra work, I've already done it. All you need to do is merge the pull request and voila! All of the default keybindings are there in the cheat-sheet.

You would agree that clicking on the keyboard layout icon is way way easier than opening a browser tab and navigating to Garuda wiki to lookup a keybinding.

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You absolutely should. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

Nope, you change the optic and use Windows key. Why don't you use the default with the penguin icon instead mod?
No need for aka Librewolf.
Terminal is termite not alacritty.
Not "much" to change, but extra work. :smiley:

But all in all I am not the Sway maintainer :slight_smile:

Just my thoughts, sorry.

Alacritty is right there in the default installation of Garuda Sway. I'm 200% sure of this.

"aka Librewolf" can be deleted in a fraction of second from that file. I won't call it extra work.

I based that on the Garuda's Sway wiki page and "Mod key" and "alacritty" and the rest of the stuff comes right from there. May be you didn't take a look at that wiki?

Just my two cents, sorry!

I just look at


No need to be sorry buddy, I just changed the script to reflect the changes made to the latest edition of Garuda Sway. May be Termite was the terminal emulator in the earlier versions and was replaced by Alacritty in the later versions? Anyways, I think that change in the script was made for good so no need to be sorry for that change.

Alacritty was used on all Garuda DE's to ensure that certain Garuda scripts run on all DE's.

Regarding the doesn't do any extra work, may be quibbling, but remains fact.

So the question remains, why didn't you stick to the template (penguins).

I agree it should not be called a "Windows" key. Many devices do not have the Windows logo on the Super key, for example System76 or Tuxedo laptops, or a Mac. It is convention in Linux to refer to it as "Super" or "Meta".

The "cheat" list is meant to be a short helper list just for getting around for newbies. I agree it should be kept not too lengthy, so the list itself is not overwhelming. Just the basics for getting around should be on there.

If I recall, there was a separate binding for the "full" list, which opened in a terminal and had a more lengthy set of bindings on it. It looks like that was removed from the pull request--was that intentional?

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