Garuda Sway Drop Down Terminal

Hi! Just switch to the Sway edition and I'm loving it!

The only thing I missed from more GUI oriented desktops was my drop down terminal. I dove into scratchpad and got it to look more like a drop down. I know scratchpad power users probably like having multiple scratchpads but I thought I would post how to have a single terminal that isn't right in the middle of your screen for other users new to sway.

#Dropdown Terminal
exec_always alacritty --working-directory ~ -T "Dropdown Terminal"
for_window [title="Dropdown Terminal"] 
  floating enable
  border none
  resize set width 102 ppt height 35 ppt
  move absolute position 0 37
  move container to scratchpad

bindsym Delete scratchpad show

I added this to the end of:


You may have to adjust your size and positioning

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