Garuda-Setup-Tool doesn't work

Hello. I'm one of the enthusiastic Garuda user but not a developer.

I love this distro because of the many configurations available on GUI.

So I decided to install this for my main PC. But the problem appears here; If I click Garuda-Setup-Tool, nothing happens.

How can I solve this??
I tried to clean Installation twice or more.
Also, DB and firmware, etc. Are the newer one installed.
My laptop is XPS13 9300(2020)
Please help me~~!

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Thank you for sharing that.
And I'm sorry that I didn't read the topic throughly.
I hope Garuda Team should fix it soon.
Thank you :blush:


Hi there @lilac. It's not really something that Garuda is capable of fixing. We can tweak the setup somewhat, but the hardware for the servers is not ours and we are limited by what they can provide us.

As we do not take donations we do not have the funds to purchase a mega brute server box and the costs for the attendant required bandwidth.

In the end you can only expect so much for free. Purchasing dedicated server hardware costs money, as well it demands a lot of maintence time from someone.

Are you volunteering to purchase and help maintain a new server. If not, then I guess you will need to be patient until we work around the current setups limitations.

Our distro only exists because of the good will from projects that help assist other Free Software projects with bandwidth and services. We have to live within those constraints until such time as donations can cover server upgrade/bandwidth costs. Until then we simply have to make do with the genous assistance from others providing these services to Garuda.

Oh and BTW, please don't post pictures of text output.


Hello @tbg . Thank you so much for your reply, and I'm sorry for the misunderstanding about the issue.
I understood that the topic derived from service provider limitations.
I appreciate you've been maintaining everything.

Thanks a lot.