Garuda Setup Assistant : browsers section


Could I request adding qutebrowser with python-adblock in the browsers section of the "new garuda assistant setup "? ( the one that appears when the first boot of an installation : Garuda Welcome -> Setup Assistant )

Not major issue, but qutebrowser is awesome !

Plus it allows for each browser window/profile/launcher to have its own icon on wayland with the --desktop-file parameter

But other than that is just awesome!

PS: ? would this be better on "development" category? I read that its only for established members of the community, and I am not established AT ALL !!!

#feedback:feature-requests :wink:


I would say no.

Suppose we add qutebrowser to setup assistant. Then, people who like Vivaldi, brave, chrome, opera etc browsers will also expect their favorite browser to be added as well.

We have to either add all, or none.
We choose none.


About this we do add lot of them to assistant
One more doesn't hurt


If it doesn't become a lot of "one mores" :wink:


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