Garuda-settings-manager not opening

Hi Team,

I am trying to open garuda settings manager through garuda welcome but when i click it ,it pops out for a milli second and thats that . It doesnt open. I tried opening through terminal but it shows the below error

garuda-settings-manager: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file:No such file or directory

I reinstalled it also but it doesnt open

I already searched the forum but didnt find anything except an old post. Tried "sudo pacman -Syu garuda-settings-manager-git"

Any help is appreciated.

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Arch had that error last night for a few minutes, just update again and you should be fine.
I would update from terminal.

sudo pacman -Syu


It didnt work the first time.But i ran the command again and it worked :smiley: . Thanks

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