Garuda root PARTITION full?

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You see .. I have a new problem (I have been about a week) using Garuda linux dragonized and I find that now when I want to finish updating the packages and add-ons it tells me that the disk is full, I go to the file manager and I see that the partition root is full. I did not know that the update data is stored in this partition if it is not correct me and if the data should not be going there, what can I do? because now my root partition is full and I can't complete the update of apps and packages. at this point can the root partition be further expanded?

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Hello. Please write an inxi -Faz output.


In the short term you could free some space e.g. removing the package cache, removing the orphans and some snapshots.


clear package and app caches with garuda assistant or system cleaner.
get rid of old timeshift files too.

i keep my root on a 40gig partition and use only half of it.


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