Garuda Review Tyler's Tech

Tyler made a review of Garuda didn't finish watching it yet but sharing it already.


Yes, I have watched him before. As a native English speaker I must admit I find his melifluous voice and charming accent beautiful to behold.

His reviews of Garuda are quite in depth and he seems to like the distro quite a bit. His reviews seem very balanced and I wish far more reviewers gave the distro a review based on what it is, not what it is not (ie other distros).

I wish more of the YouTube semi-pro reviewer wannabes were more like him.


Hmm well he tried changing layout in different place

The layouts are implemented in kde system settings global theme and not in latte dock

I guess i should delete the layouts in latte dock


can agree with that his reviews are nicely in-depth though I personally still prefer to look at distros myself.

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that's indeed an option or a layout switcher like feren from feren OS has implemented would be interesting as well.

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I basically copied it from feren os

You just need to change the global theme with the check box use layout from theme


wasn't aware that, that works with latte (the more you know right)


This is preventing missunderstandings so thats a good idea, its quite missleading currently :smiley:


I knew there was a reason I stick with XFCE :grin: Cuts down on the confusion....


Even as a long time dyed in the wool KDE user I will be the first to admit the myriad of plasma settings can be extremely confusing.

Especially when they are in the habit of rearranging the location for settings or deleting them on a whim. I'm still pissed that I backed up my custom Kate and desktop color scheme tweaks using the inbuilt KDE export feature. Now KDE has changed their backup format for Kate, but they did not make for any way of converting the older saved backups. I found someone had scripted a converter for the kateschema backup file, but it did not work for me.

It really posses me that they also removed the option to backup and restore sublte color scheme tweaks in the desktop theme you are using. They removed that feature entirely. This seems the opposite of what KDE propounds (user control over their desktop settings). I hope this isn't signaling a change of direction to a Gnome style mentality where the Devs decide how the desktop should be and limit tweaking options.

Sorry for the OT rant.


Don't be. The removal of a backup option without a recovery procedure sounds almost like (whisper) Microsoft and their attempts to keep Word formats proprietary and constantly changing - although at least MS had a profit motive to drive them!

KDE has become extremely good, but they seem (to me) to have made the flexibility of theming and setup into the purpose of their DE, rather than having the theming and flexibility be in service to getting stuff done YOUR way...

Maybe they'll settle down now to improvements only for while, though!

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they used to have a widget that served a similar purpose that seems to have goon the way of the dodo... and your schema import/export options