Garuda Qtile iso login issue

i cannot login to qtile live iso... everytime i enter password and try to proceed, i can't get any further... went to tty removed picom but still unable to login... what m i doing wrong here..

this issue occurs when i try to login qtile(wayland)

Same error, i can't login in Qtile(wayland) live or after install


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Same here on live ISO, after password only moving mouse curser.
TTY work, but IDK which screen manager qtile use, startx, sddm dos not work :smiley:

BTW, 09.11.21 too or same.

Qtile recently introduced wayland backend but didn't make dependencies necessary. Choose the Qtile, not Qtile (wayland) in login screen. Qtile (wayland) is highly unstable and mostly brown, so don't use Qtile (wayland) use qtile on xorg (Qtile).


I have started the ISO directly from the Nvme via custom.cfg for testing. Here are the following problems, the ISO starts directly without the menu to set the language and so on.
In addition

Screen-1: 0 s-res: 2880x1800 s-dpi: 96 s-size: 762x476mm (30.0x18.7") s-diag: 898mm (35.4")
Monitor-1: eDP res: 2880x1800 hz: 90 dpi: 242 size: 302x188mm (11.9x7.4") diag: 356mm (14")

I just overlooked the far right menu, maybe wayland should not be set as default?

We have not made wayland default, Qtile developers have made it default, now I have provided a default xorg xsession file to avoid confusion with wayland.


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