Garuda OS Downloader bug

Hello Garuda users.

I tried downloading garuda os dragonised gaming using Garuda Downloader tools for Windows but it does not allows selecting seed file thus offering no data saving advantage when comapred to IDM or XDM

I don't think this is possible at all on Windows.
From download page or Garuda Downloader pinned topic

On Linux, you can manually select an older ISO file as a "seed" file in order to save bandwidth.

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It does not allow you to choose a seed file. It does, however, seem to use current.iso if it exists in the Garuda Downloader folder that is created when extracted from the .7z file.

Info: "Reading seed file: /Garuda Downloader/Garuda Downloader/current.iso"
Info: "Usable data from seed files: 29.520699%"

The first "Garuda Downloader" folder above will be the location/name of the folder you extracted it to. I used garuda-dr460nized-linux-zen-220428.iso renamed to current.iso for the test.

TNE would have to confirm this as expected, or if I found a "feature".


That's a feature, not a bug: garudadownloader.cpp · master · Garuda Linux / Applications / Garuda Downloader · GitLab


Impressive I was looking for such feature


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