Garuda on USB

Installing garuda on usb

I instaled garuda on usb 2 flash drive using virtual box and tried to boot in system and device not listed in bootloader, but this was worked on linux mint.

Had run btrfs check no issues found,
I have installed bootloader in system partition,

I cannot reinstall bootloader showing error chroot not found.

Here is the link to usb installation:

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Use other Kernel :wink:

Installing in virtual machines is not recommended as it might result in a bad experience! (e.g. setup assistant not working)

I don't understand the question, is it about dualboot or is there no grub menu in the VB?


installation done successfully on usb but i chose bootloader in "/" partition

problem is dualbooting from the bios the instlled media not showing.

You can use USB stick for live ISO, but IDK if you can boot from external USB (HDD?) media.

Since I can't look over your shoulder, I don't know what "USB" means for you exactly.

In addition, we would always have liked to have the output of garuda-inxi as text as required in the template, which you also deleted in the end.

Usb 2.0 flash drive hp v236w 64 gb

This is explanation to usb installation i meaN

Which BIOS? Your physical machine's BIOS or VirtualBox's BIOS?

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physical BIOS

Ok. Plz take a step back and explain with better details the issue and what you did to get there.

Your initial post clearly says "I installed garuda on usb 2 flash drive USING VIRTUALBOX".
What do you mean by that?
You burned Garuda on a USB stick while you were in VirtualBox? What OS was booted in VBox when you did that? Why did you do it from VBox?
Have you burned the Garuda ISO image file on that USB or a custom installation of Garuda that you are running in VBox and created your own ISO image?

Also as stated by SGS we will really need the output of your garuda-inxi, from your terminal window. This will give us details on your machine and installation which often help for troubleshooting.

(I cannot view your youtube link, not sure if my work network is blocking it or if everyone else cannot view it as well)


I will give detailed explanation however I have a windows pc I use virtual box to try and install linux distros to external drive such as usb 2.0

I run the garuda os from iso file, the usb will be mounted to garuda linux

I installed garuda to it installation was successful.

And used the usb to boot from physical bios but the usb partition not seeing.

I can not view the link either?
can you post a working youtube link you followed as what you are explaining does notmake sense?


I think this is causing some confusion because VirtualBox is the name of something else--most folks here are thinking of the hypervisor for running virtual machines, but it sounds like you are referring to some software you used to flash the ISO to the USB drive.

The meaning of this is unclear, but your boot partition is typically mounted at /boot/efi (not /).

I couldn't view it either, I got a strange error message.

Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. Please try your request again later. Why did this happen?

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Ok so you are on Windows. You know you don't need to burn the Garuda ISO file from VBox, you can do it directly from Windows with say Rufus application. :slight_smile:

Second, when you enter your BIOS settings, do you see the Garuda USB listed in your boot sequence?

Third, since we don't know exactly what machine you run, we never know the type of hardware incompatibilities that can occur (distros have some different packages installed and don't all react the same for some use cases). It is often advisable to make sure you run the latest BIOS update version, although if Linux Mint was booting from that SAME USB stick but Garuda is not, I would hold off the BIOS update for now.

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you cannot post link to that host new error

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Maybe not good, use Ventoy or just garuda-downloader


Rufus is used to create bootable usb for installation

I cannot use it here iam installing linux to a pendrive itself

Live linux usb

Tomorrow i will post all the screenshots.

I think I start to underestand, you want to run as a normal OS (not as Live ISO) Garuda on a USB as if it was installed on a 512Gb SSD, but you want to have it on a portable USB stick.

Well first thing is the guy clearly says NOT to use USB 2.0 as it's too slow (around 17mins45sec of the video). You said you are using 2.0. So that's one thing there, maybe not what causes your problem, but still you should look at that.

So as asked above, when you boot into your BIOS Settings, do you see the Garuda USB in the bootloader sequence?


You get it right

This what is needed

Usb 2 is ok i was tested it before for linux mint.

Now when i installed garuda the usb not showing in bios it is possibly because of bootloader issues

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Garuda is not Mint or M$,

  • Dual booting Garuda Linux may lead to unexpected issues! Be aware that the other OS may change the EFI boot priorities on UEFI or overwrite the bootloader on BIOS systems.
  • Our distro is optimized for performance on real hardware.

There is no fun on "USB"


you have created a vm file on the usb stick, it will not be bootable but only in the vm software?


Garuda Linux is a bad choice for this type of USB-encapsulated system. In fact any rolling-release OS that takes a lot of updates will be a bad choice for a system that lives on flash media. Puppy Linux, MX Linux, or Peppermint OS like the guy in the video suggested would be better suited for this kind of project.

If you want to use Garuda Linux, please make a proper partition on your native disk and put it on the metal.