Garuda on Lattepanda Delta 3

I am having trouble installing Garuda on my Lattepanda Delta 3. I hope to find some tips an tricks on installing this fine OS on my recently bought sbc.

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Hi there, welcome to the forum.
What kind of problems have you encountered, and what have you done so far?
Have you been able to burn a live USB and boot it?
If so, please provide your garuda-inxi.

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So far I have succesfully made a bootable live usb. After installing Garuda and removing the usb device from the sbc and restarting the sbc with the button the sbc powers up, the system runs past “del” and “F7” then the lattepanda logo shows and stays on (forever)
I will post inxi later on.

What was your method for making the bootable USB?

Make sure secure boot is disabled in the BIOS settings.

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I'd also try switching to a TTY, with CTRL+ALT+F2 and see if you get to and can log in.
This would lead to graphical configuration issues, and you could e.g. start checking your xrandr.
I'm saying that bacuse I just found this blog (old, and for sure related to previus products) for installing OpenSUSE.

See the caveat at the end:

One last thing. The LattePanda has both HDMI and composite. Linux assumes composite out is Display 1 and HDMI is Display 2. If you are running headless, then this is fine. If not, you will need to with your desktop environment to disable Display 1. I tend to use the i3 desktop for work and this was easy for me to workaround. It can be a hassle for others. I think this will be the case no matter which distro you use.

Edit: this is probably to be disregarded, sorry, I'm keeping it just in case for future steps.
I've read only now that you don't even get to the grub.


After disabling secure boot it al went great. Garuda runs very smooth on this sbc! Thanks for the help and tricks!


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