Garuda on a multiboot system

It appears to me that Garuda is using the same type grub2 that arch uses which means that it contains the Intel Micro code instead of it being in the OS. this is why I cannot use My primary OS's Grub to boot Garuda unless I use fallback. Ach grub has to be the first Grub in a multi boot sisuation. Would someone please verify that garuda uses the same grub2 that Arch uses.

AFAIK it boots the same way as Arch and others - so the microcode is loaded in a separate statement. There are several ways around the problem, which include:

  1. Let Garuda control the boot - AFAIK they can figure most of it out.
  2. Let another distro with 'Arch recognition' control the boot - these include EndeavourOS and Manjaro (again AFAIK)
  3. edit Garuda's grub to NOT call os-prober, then install and use rEFInd to control the boots - in Garuda's case use rEFInd to call the grub rather than direct boot, so as to maintain the grub access to snapshots.
  4. Modify os-prober's code to correctly boot Arch-based systems
  5. (not recommended!) Manually edit the grub.cfg to initrd the ucode first on the offending distros

There may be more - including importing version of os-prober already modified - but these are the main ones. I use method 3


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Thanks for the heads-up. Not sure I have the nerve to try it - after looking at the list of dependencies! Lots of code-cruising ahead if I do try it I guess...

(Yes, I have been accused of being lazy sometimes)

(Yes, it's true)