Garuda on 32 bit EFI but 64 bit CPU tablets?

Is there a way to get Garuda running on a 32 bit efi machine? I have this cheap tablet that is lying around that came with wimdows 10 and as expected can't run it properly. I want to try and put a linux distro on it but I haven't had much luck with many distros. If you are someone who is also in the same boat what have you tried to do ? Did it work? I would like to know.

Edit: Device in question is an IRULU Walknbook Mini W1

32 bit systems are not upwardly compatible.

Here It's FOSS you will find 14 Linux Distributions You Can Rely on for Your Ancient 32-bit Computer

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I wish it was that simple. Its a 64 bit processor. Only the EFI is 32 bit.

Why don't you try legacy mode?

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I don't think this thing has that.
Edit: BIOS is reffered to as SCU in the recovery environment.

Open bios, it must be there.

You can find Legacy Boot Type in the BIOS boot menu.

Again its not your regular tablet. I disabled efi in the bios/scu thing. But still can't boot linux-lite or gallium os. I managed to get into puppy linux with pendrive but not with an sd card

Finding the BIOS settings alone is an adventure. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Try Linux Lite

Is there any other distro ? Gonna try antix. Needs touchscreen support.

Arch with Arch-way.
If you can install Arch, then you can add Chaotic repo and install Garuda settings and apps.


I can't install arch. I tried but it was too daunting of a task for me. I will probably try to do it once I'm more comfortable with linux.

Some of the early Intel Macs have the same problem- 64-bit capable processor (Core2 Duo), but 32-bit EFI.

It should be possible to put together a custom install image that includes the 32-bit Grub for EFI.

Too advanced for me. I am trying currently to install either antix or puppy on it. However it seems the removable sdcard is not recognized as a boot device no matter what I do.

This issue is of the same difficulty level for every other distro, unless it is specifically advertised as such.


Trying to get around it by looking for a distro that is made for this type of hardware.

Not really a Garuda issue.