Garuda on 2013 Mac Pro (Trashcan)

Quick question:
I am told that Garuda is fantastic and I see it looks great when I tried it in a VM. I want to install it on a 2013 Mac pro and was wondering if it will support an EPGU? I have a thunderbolt 3 to 2 converter and an EGPU with a 5700XT. I don’t care about the MacOS, but I wouldn’t mind keeping it, I do like Imovie. This is definitely for gaming, but if it runs well enough I would like to make it my main rig. I have a very powerful gaming windows pc, but if I could game on the mac using Garuda, I would love to switch.
Any suggestions?

I have no experience in running Macs, but you can always load Garuda on an USB stick and test the system in live environment (not installing it).
Also check the Download section of Garuda for more tips and recommendations.


Use forum search too, please.


It should work. Here’s an example of someone who made an eGPU work with your model of Mac and with TB3, though not specifically with Garuda (they’re a Manjaro user):

In my own experience using an eGPU with Garuda, it works well and I haven’t had any hitches. I have an NVIDIA RTX 4060 hooked up to the m2 slot, and the only real ‘hitch’ was installing the Nvidia packages. My dGPU is AMD, which probably made it easier.

If the Mac has a dGPU that is the same brand/uses the same drivers as your eGPU though, that could be a different story (although maybe that’s more of a Windows problem than a Linux one). Definitely search it up! :slight_smile:

It’s also worthwhile to keep in mind that GPUs respond differently when used as eGPUs, even if they’re from the same manufacturer. Some NVIDIA cards don’t take well to being used as eGPUs at all, but the RTX 4060 has no issues with it. I assume that since you’re investigating using Garuda though, you know about this :smiley: but the mention was just in case.