Garuda not downloading the applications selected through the welcome assitent on first boot/ install

After the first ever boot on the all top 4 editions of Garuda that I tried. I faced the same issue every time. After the welcome screen asked me to upgrade to ultimate and I select all the applications that I want to install such as; GitHub, Brave, VLC, etc. The applications were never installed on my PC. It just asked me to select the once I want and then closed the dialog box. The welcome assistant appears again and nothing happens.

I don't know if I am missing something very obvious or If it's a bug.

Please post where you click to upgrade to ultimate.



can you check if alacritty opens?

if not then your pc doesnt have a graphics card with at least opengl 3.1


i am not sure what you mean by it but upon being asked to update to ultimate, I click "yes" and then when asked if I want to install a couple of software like multimedia apps games and such. I am prompted to a dialog bow with multiple selections that I can tick.

For example, when I click "okay" for browser, it askes me to select from a list which contains chromium, brave, firefox, etc and i select brave, click yes. But brave isnt installed.

This? Just to help @SGS and @librewish


Oops, I thought we skip Ultimate to Gamer, my fault.


oh yea that's another problem. Alacritty didn't open. No I don't have a graphics card. I am running a toaster with 3GB DDR3 with Intel i3. This laptop doesn't have a card.

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On Homepage

Minimum requirements

  • 30 GB storage space
  • 4 GB RAM

Recommended requirements

  • 40 GB storage space
  • 8 GB RAM
  • video card with OpenGL 3.3 or better

yes I did read those. I don't see the problem. I am running on the minimum requirements and it's running fine. I am not a heavy user either. I just browse YouTube and maybe some, yea no just YouTube. I can live without alacritty. I never even noticed it wasn't working.

The video card is recommended not the minimum. Could it be the reason the application didn't install when I selected it?

Graphic need RAM too?

Garuda use it for some system settings so now you know why downloading not work.


yes I totally understand what you are saying BUT I am running Garuda as we talk. I even manually installed the brave browser that did not install on it's own as well. So RAM is definitely not the problem here. I am not even using 100% of it. I am at 40ish of RAM even after garuda's "Free RAM is Wasted RAM". So that's clearly not the issue here.

"Garuda use it for some system settings so now you know why downloading not work."

Okay that might be it. But I do have the other default Konsole (terminal) provided by KDE. Wouldn't that have worked instead?

If Alacritty is a dependency (and it is), alternates like Konsole will not work, will they?

If you depend on air (and you do), but Helium is available, would you?

Thats it, minimum requirements are appearently not met as pointed out multiple times already - its not another problem rather than the solution to this topic.

Yes that works but Konsole is not used for the setup assistant. There is a reason why minimum requirements are mentioned at the download page. :man_shrugging:


Alright so here's the reason, summarized without nonsensical analogies and weird remarks.

-->Alaritty is needed in order for those applications to be installed as it is the default console used by the system.
--->Alaritty won't work without a graphics card which I don't have.
----->Therefor, those applications won't be installed automatically.

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"If Alacritty is a dependency (and it is), alternates like Konsole will not work, will they?"

~~ Okay. I wasn't aware that it was its dependency. Now I know. I get it alright. my question has been answered.

But all I am saying is that a console is a console so the statement "Konsole will not work, will they?", doesn't make much sense. Yes it doesn't work and it is what it is so I am neither questioning that nor arguing why it doesn't work. But if the devs wanted to, they can clearly make it happen. So I don't see the reason for you to belittle me over the fact that I impossed the question, "wouldn't konsole have workded in alacritty's place?".

As for "If you depend on air (and you do), but Helium is available, would you?"

yes. yes I would. If I was a really great and 'flexible' operating system known as Linux which is known for its 'adaptability', I would just switch to the alternative gas which, In this context is analogs to a Linux terminal.

All that aside thank you for your help :slight_smile: So far enjoying the dragonized version. Such an eye candy. And you Sir, have a great day Ü

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You are not grasping the focus of Garuda. It is a distro focused on performance. Garuda is targeted at gamers using modern hardware with ample ram and a decent graphics card.

The devs are not going to recode the distro simply to satisfy your old hardware's needs. There are plenty of distros out there that target low spec legacy hardware. Use one of those distros specifically tailored to run on old hardware. Don't expect the devs to change the entire focus of Garuda for a user that hasn't even been a member of the forum for a full day.

Learn how to do it yourself if you want an individually tailored distro specifically designed for your hardware. Don't think someone else is going to tailor make a distro just for you. Start learning to do for yourself. Arch is certainly capable of running on your hardware. Learn to install Arch, or use an Arch Installer script if that's not something you can manage at this stage.

Sorry, but your hardware doesn't meet the minimum specs required for Garuda (and you knew that before you installed it).

You have your answer now, so this thread is being closed for further discussion.