Garuda noob wondering about Garuda Variants

Hello All,

Linux noob here who has been using Garuda Dragonized edition for several months now. I'm really impressed with Garuda Dragonized and love the gaming performance it offers. Likely I'll be running this distro for a long time!

Anyway, got a question for the collective-I like Garuda Dragonized but I have leanings toward GNOME as a desktop environment. I'm tempted to install the Garuda GNOME variant, but I'm hesitant.

Does Garuda GNOME behave the same way as Dragonized when it comes to gaming performance? I believe the Dragon version runs well because it uses Wayland? I think GNOME can't run Wayland well, right? Any advice on this?

At any rate, thanks to the devs for making an awesome OS.

And thanks for reading!


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gnome uses wayland by default for quite a while now.
ram usage might or might not be higher than kde, and performance should be about the same.


I don't think Dra460nized runs wayland and gnome has better wayland support than KDE anyways. How good the performance will be will depend on your hardware you can give it a try


That I didn't know...I mess around with Pop OS and wayland there seems to bork everything. I've got a good amount of memory onboard so if it takes extra I can swing it.


I heard GNOME was getting wayland, didn't realize it happened already (been out of the loop.)

I'll give it a shot. Thanks!

Performance for gaming are the same as soon as you install all the packages you need. If you are planning to use Wayland, you should know that there is no support for proprietary drivers and some applications may not run well or not run at all on Wayland.

Said that it really depends on what you need. Wayland is generally faster and more secure than X and you might even find a benefit on some games.

If you choose Wayland I recommend you to keep XWayland installed because of retro-compatibility


I obviously got myself confused with what Garuda Dragon version was running (I'll have to double check). I run an Nvidia card and though I heard they were supporting Wayland, I'm guessing that's in the near future.

Likely I'll stick to X but if I feel adventurous, I'll make sure XWayland is installed.