Garuda Linux would ship Wayland alongside X11

I hope everyone is doing well,
This is my 1st post/reply after joining the forum :smiley:
I’ve been using Garuda Linux for a couple of months on bare metal (my 1st distro on bare metal, tried vanilla Arch Linux dual booted with Windows 11 and I wanted more :3)
I was wondering if by default Garuda Linux would ship Wayland alongside X11 (maybe planned or it might never happen)

I love Garuda Linux, it makes life much easier than when dealing vanilla Arch Linux,
And I apologies if someone mentioned something related to my query and I didn’t notice it,

Not quite the place to ask about this (this thread is just about chaotic-AUR) . Would be better suited being posted in the Garuda Community or under the Request section.
EDIT: Thanks SGS!

Anyways, getting to your question… That Depends on the desktop environment when this will happen. (some already have it standard). KDE 6 will have Wayland by default next year, so I’m guessing Garuda will eventually with its KDE offering.


Acknowledged and thanks!!
Appreciate the quick response and apologies for posting the question in the wrong place


plasma-wayland-session is already included in KDE dr460nized. Not in KDE lite, of course.


Oh you are right… I guess I’m a bit out the loop with the new package lists…
Not like I’ve had to really re-install Garuda unless I’ve made major hardware changes, so these new changes sometime go unnoticed :laughing:

Anyways, at least with KDE 6, Wayland should be much more stable :smile:


Thanks guys!!!

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