Garuda linux stuck at plymouth terminating

i had manjaro in my primary disk and used etcher to flash the dr460n1zed garuda to my usb and booted from it but i had an unusual stuck of proceess at terminating plyouth screen and i tried changing the secure boot options but didn't work and even tried flashing again
please help me ASAP as i am in a hurry
processor amd ryzen 5 3600
8 gigs ram
and asus is the manufacturer

Looks somewhat similar to this one, also stuck at plymouth terminating looking at the picture.
There is still no feedback/update, but until you get a better answer you may want to check what was suggested there...


So, you haven't managed to boot the installer. Standard things apply: verify the checksum, write again to USB, try a different USB flash drive.

That seems like an incredibly unrealistic expectation. You might be better off sticking with Manjaro.