Garuda Linux | Release 200817

so we have our iso refresh/release

Whats new

all iso now include

  • Linux zen 5.8
  • grub boothole patch
  • some theming changes
  • all packages updated to their latest versions

we also now added another edition to our offerings

Garuda Wayfire



Looks like my timing is PERFECT. You just released this. I see you like others are fixing the boothole without making peeps reinstall Grub unlike Manjaro. Which software manager(s) are you using for the KDE version?


Pamac is default but you can simply install whatever you want :grimacing:


Oh no no no no Panac is EXACTLY what I was hoping for. Does it have the plugins for Flatpak? Snaps I don’t care about cause they have some font issues and extend the boot time.

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We use pamac-aur

So it does not come with snap and flatpak plugin


No biggy, cause can install Flatpak, and then Topgrade to update everything.

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Any1 knows why the NetworkManager.service is starting fine on live media, but when installed, i must manually start it every boot?

Also, im getting ~1min of black screen just before the lockscreen on every boot. Im thinking something is trying to connect to internet, but cant cause networkmanager isnt starting.

Using KDE, latest Ultimate release on my T440p


Please post output from

systemd-analyze blame

How do you enable NetworkManager? or you start only?

hit "ESC" on boot and have a look on termial output.

Do you use WLAN or ethernet-cable?

and Welcome


you can try removing systemd from passwd and group in /etc/nsswitch.conf


Hey thanks for the replies.

I’ll try removing the systemd from nsswitch.conf

i enabled the NetworkManager.service and then started it. Still doesnt work. I checked the status and got:

device (wlp3s0): Couldn’t initialize supplicant interface: Failed to D-Bus activate wpa_suppl>
Aug 19 22:55:35 lam-t440p systemd[1]: NetworkManager.service: Unexpected error response from GetNameOwner(): Connection terminated

Oh wow, That was it @librewish. Seems everything to be working fine now.

Something else that i noticed, usr/lib/git-core/git using the network constantly downloading something when there are updates pending from pamac i assume. If the updates are installed, its silent.


T440p user here as well, I encountered this problem too these days. Blamed it to be an error made by myself though.


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Came across this problem some months back and was able to get around as a temporary fix by commenting out the line starting with ‘groups’ only in /etc/nsswitch.conf


Is there any way to install pamac-gtk?

I just installed Garuda the night before last and spent most of the day yesterday building it up. You really do not need to change up the software manager.

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At your own risk.

I only use pamac to search...
pacman to install.

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Actually nothing wrong with installing yay, topgrade, discover is already in for flatpaks.

Same here, thats good practice especially since pamac often decides zu freeze completely when pressing the install button :thinking:

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A bit off topic but do you guys still have your systray RSS feeder for notifications from the forum like when there is a new release, or whatever other category we want to be notified about? Thanks

New “releases” come every 14 days. Notification not needed :slight_smile: You are not on MJ.
You know rolling distros, MJ + EnOS, if you install and upgrade you are up to date :slight_smile:
Or have a look in