Garuda Linux | Release 200726

So what we have here
a brand new builds of iso


  • all ultimate edition iso are now gaming Editions
    so no matter which ultimate edition you choose it is now gaming edition

  • we have also made lite edition lighter

  • all packages updated to its latest version



Used the KDE minimal install today. (Yay!)

Just FYI:

warning: harfbuzz: local (2.7.0-1) is newer than extra (2.6.8-3)
warning: harfbuzz-icu: local (2.7.0-1) is newer than extra (2.6.8-3)
warning: imagemagick: local ( is newer than extra (
warning: intel-graphics-compiler: local (1:1.0.4312-1) is newer than community (1:1.0.4241-1)
warning: lib32-libva-mesa-driver: local (20.1.4-1) is newer than multilib (20.1.3-1)
warning: lib32-mesa: local (20.1.4-1) is newer than multilib (20.1.3-1)
warning: lib32-mesa-vdpau: local (20.1.4-1) is newer than multilib (20.1.3-1)
warning: lib32-opencl-mesa: local (20.1.4-1) is newer than multilib (20.1.3-1)
warning: lib32-vulkan-intel: local (20.1.4-1) is newer than multilib (20.1.3-1)
warning: lib32-vulkan-radeon: local (20.1.4-1) is newer than multilib (20.1.3-1)
warning: libkdcraw: local (20.04.3-2) is newer than extra (20.04.3-1)
warning: libraw: local (0.20.0-1) is newer than extra (0.19.5-3)
warning: libva-mesa-driver: local (20.1.4-1) is newer than extra (20.1.3-1)
warning: mesa: local (20.1.4-1) is newer than extra (20.1.3-1)
warning: mesa-vdpau: local (20.1.4-1) is newer than extra (20.1.3-1)
warning: micro-git: local (v2.0.6.r6.gb8fbbf5c-1) is newer than chaotic-aur (nightly.r25.g95ec55fb-1)
warning: opencl-mesa: local (20.1.4-1) is newer than extra (20.1.3-1)
warning: pipewire: local (0.3.7-1) is newer than extra (0.3.6-1)
warning: vulkan-intel: local (20.1.4-1) is newer than extra (20.1.3-1)
warning: vulkan-radeon: local (20.1.4-1) is newer than extra (20.1.3-1)

Arch mirror is not updated

Use reflector-simple
To sort mirror


Ooh. Thank you!


Hello. Congrats on all your collective hard work – the passion shows.

Wrt my new VM made from garuda-kde-ultimate-200726-linux-zen.iso: I have not yet begun investigating this, but initially wanted simply to alert you.

I entered the Latte-Dock Settings in order to remove the Simple Menu [i have never liked this, & always prefer the *Cascading Menu*]. This error message shows up:

Layout garuda is broken! Please remove it to improve stability…


Well as long as latte dock works

You can safely ignore that message

Also you can go to global theme and change the layout
Be sure to click on Use desktop layout from theme

In Systemsettings

We have four layouts

Modern(macos) classic unity and familiar (win10)


Yes thanks. I’d already found those other choices, clever of you. Yes LD seems to be working ok, it’s simply that i thought you might like to know of the error message.


My previous posts were for the VM i created from the Full ISO. This post is for my second Garuda VM, this time from garuda-kde-lite-200726-linux-zen.iso.

This is my eventual UEFI-GPT:

Garuda Linux 5.7.10-zen1-1-zen x86_64
kadee in ~ λ lsblk
NAME                                          MAJ:MIN RM  SIZE RO TYPE  MOUNTPOINT
sda                                             8:0    0   28G  0 disk  
├─sda1                                          8:1    0 23.8G  0 part  /
├─sda2                                          8:2    0  3.7G  0 part  
│ └─luks-182d2e68-02ff-496a-9a4e-993c9ee435b0 253:0    0  3.7G  0 crypt /home
└─sda3                                          8:3    0  512M  0 part  /boot/efi
sr0                                            11:0    1 1024M  0 rom   
zram0                                         252:0    0  490M  0 disk  [SWAP]
zram1                                         252:1    0  490M  0 disk  [SWAP]
kadee in ~ λ 

I'd like to suggest that Calamares could benefit from a small clarification / correction, to save less experienced people a bit of confusion & potential failed installation.

Carefully note this message from Calamares:

Now i believed that was wrong, but i chose to play along to see what would happen... ie, i did only set the mount as /boot despite my belief it should be /boot/efi. So then, next:



Ie, now Calamares agrees with me, but contradicts itself. I went back & changed to:

after which installation completed ok & the subsequent reboot into the new system was successful.

My concern is that a new user might not know which Calamares message to believe & act upon. Tidying this up would be better.


Very true - and not the only little thing with Calamares either! One of my pet peeves with it is that labels (neither partition nor file system) are shown when setting up. I have fielded a few oopses from that… not to mention having had to go back and see what I created beforehand and/or even write it down…

Multi-boot does create some extra considerations sometimes!


The day my pet rock died was very sad. I thought about getting a pet peeve instead, but i was just too upset.



Peeves really rock!


You’ve talked me into it – now i feel excited again! I really hope they are available in poiple.


Probably - but do they have eagle fledglings?


There’s just so much that i don’t know! To console myself a little…


I think is underrate distro because its have potential but in my opinion lite version is still too much bloated but manjaro do this in past too and now is really better

With what, may I ask?
Which DE?

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With Unneded apps … in my philosophy is needed in lite version basic dde with some cool extra like a widgets what u have in xfce for example and with clasic apps like a web browser , media player (i like mpv) image browser … i have arch with gnome-shell gnome-control-center and some usefull aps and i dont have more than 700 packages btw i like u have zsh as default with optimus manager …

btw i try all ur dde but in real life i use most xfce and gnome

Well, you can never please everybody but it is relatively easy to create your own version.
Take desktop-packages and remove everything you don’t need and build your own Garuda Linux. Done.
We can’t do this for everyone individually, especially since they remain general and don’t provide a listing.

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MY MY just learn to install Vanilla Arch Linux and your wish will come true and nobody to blame but yourself if its bloated or to lite,
O wait if you did that you would not have anybody to blame for your unreasonable requests, Lol :yawning_face: