Garuda Linux | Release - 200713

We are happy to announce the 200713 refresh/release of our iso’s


  • calamares got a new look.
  • nonfree drivers as default selection on grub in live boot
  • optimus-manager is used by default for intel-nvidia hybrid laptops instead of prime-render-offload
  • lite iso are now more lightweight :thinking:
  • nvidia 450.57 driver for nvidia cards :rofl:
  • newest mesa :grin:
  • updated linux-zen kernel :grinning:
  • all packages are updated to their new versions :wink:
  • various improvements and fixes that we don’t know :sweat_smile:

DOWNLOADS :star_struck:


via sourceforge

via osdn

via torrents


Sorry for that missing β€œs” -pages too :wink:
I repair the link in Post #1

Thank you for the announcement.

Website got new style and new links, so this β€œold” post show in wrong directions.