Garuda Linux-related thoughts

First of all, when choosing a destroyer, I am really picky.
I tried Linux for the first time a few years ago, and I enjoyed it, but this time I really liked Manjaro; it was an interestingly different experience.

From the moment you log in, Garuda is endearing, and its perfect speed astounds you. There is everything you require.

I installed all of Garuda's flavors because I was so pleased with it.
and every one was equally stunning as the initial download.

These are the little difficulties I encountered.

It was annoying to use Garuda's Sway the Light mode.

Indra i3WM I tried to challenge myself to use only the keyboard, however I3WM had a limit on one thing. It was a little overkill to have to open the file manager throughetc.

Garuda Qtile: When I reached the login screen after installing it three times, everything turned black.
I initially thought it was my old USB.
I then put the iso on a fresh usb, and the same thing happened.

It eludes me. After the complete installation and booting, there is a black screen with nothing happening.



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