Garuda Linux password screen


I was facing issues with updating to new version via terminal ,i reformatted and installed updated Garuda Linux game version,after installing i installed apps from set up assistant ,i updated dock panel to mcos big Sur small dock via forum ,after that I'm trying access Garuda network settings manager ,a display screen is appearing to enter password,but before entering password,the password screen is disappearing and neither I'm able to access folder or files as root,same password screen is appearing and disappearing before entering password,please resolve these issues with latest updates ,i didn't got anything in forum

Can you resolve this issue when free

Report everything you have already attempted to solve your problem.


Post your



Start network settings manager from terminal, check logfiles and post also.
Nobody can fix it without them.


What does this mean?

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Please provide your garuda-inxi output or your thread will be locked. You were already told this on your last wifi help request that SGS was kind enough to link. If you refuse to post your system specs or answer questions from those attempting to help you, then there is little point in leaving your post on the main forum.

You must provide proper feedback on our forum or your help request is likely going to be binned.