Garuda Linux on the Mainpage from German Tech Website Computerbase

Garuda Linux got its own Post on (one of my favorite German News and Tech Websites)

The overall opinion in the comments is positive, with many people saying that they wanna try Garuda. Also the main discussion in the comments is about ->
“Is it really possible to play on Linux nowadays and is it future proof ?”.

This Post on Computerbase can really help to spread the Love with this Distro and
maybe someone can create/post a Youtube Video how easy it is to install and play something like World of Warcraft on Garuda Linux…wow seems somehow a little picky with Linux…
as a little sneak peak that Garuda is prepared for the upcoming Shadowland expansion or something like that.

After successfully coming to an end with my current Unraid experiment, il gladly give Garuda the chance to become my Main OS.

But sadly on my Macbook Retina 2013, its not possible to dual-boot the Garuda Live-CD. It always hangs on the spinning circle at boot. Maybe with 200831, the problem is solved.
Il give it a try, asap.

Have a nice day and keep on developing :smiley:


Already did a video on how to install so I can create a video on how to install league of legends on Garuda (the only game I play these days). Actual gameplay will be quite low fps probably due to my graphics cards but itll be sufficient I guess.

Nice to see german people reviewing Garuda! :heart_eyes:



und vielen Dank für den Link zu Computerbase.

Viele nette Beiträge und einige die ohne zu probieren kritische Meinungen haben :wink: .

Hast du Xfce pprobiert da musste etwas nachgebessert werden.
Beim booten ESC drücken dann sieht man woran es liegt, manchmal wird lange nach passenden Treibern gesucht.

Hoffe man sieht sich :slight_smile:

Without guarantee for the correctness of the translation

and thanks for the link to Computerbase.

Many nice posts and some who have critical opinions without trying :wink: .

Did you try Xfce, there was something to be improved.
Press ESC at boot time to see what the problem is, sometimes you have to search for a long time for suitable drivers.

Hope to see you :slight_smile:


Ja etwas Kritik gibt es immer, selbst der Author meinte das man einfach sagen kann wenn einem etwas an der Distro stört oder wenn man andere Feature haben möchte. Hier wird halt aktiv dazu aufgerufen Feedback zu geben.

Was hier aber insgesamt von so einem kleinen Entwicklerteam auf die Beine gestellt wird, ist richtig gut und verspricht eine erfolgreiche Zukunft.

Macht einfach weiter und mit der Zeit kommen die Fan’s von ganz alleine :smiley:

Sobald ich mit meinem kleinen Unraid-Projekt weitergekommen bin, beschäftige ich mich noch mehr mit Garuda.

Even the Author wrote, that its okay to tell and share feedback/critic about the Distro, or what Features can be added. In the Garuda Community its desired to give feedback, that helps the Distro grow.

Its simply amazing what this little Team of devs created and Garuda Linux has an promising future.

Keep on developing and the Fan’s come by themselves :slight_smile:

As soon as i am done with my little Unraid-Project, il try to spend more time with Garuda.


Do you guys Know its really rude to post on a English forum in foreign languages,
By all means create a section for German Spanish or what ever.

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