Garuda linux on docker

Can we install Garuda linux on docker? If yes, how?

I guess there is the possibility, we did something similar to build a container for building isos..

I don't see any real reason to not go for the already existing Archlinux docker images and add the required things on top. The things Garuda provides are either not working in Docker or useless for container usage anyways.


This question confuses me.
Could you describe what you are trying to do or achieve?

Welcome to the Garuda Community :heart:


Seems a wee bit pointless - what would this add over an Arch container?


Docker is an unnecessary layer and NOTHING should be run in it, much less a OS.

I must disagree--and my guess is the majority of people who run any self-hosted servers would disagree as well. Docker is fantastic!


Apparently you never ran multiple servers. The value it provides is huge! Dockers DNS, customizable ports, paths, easy updates, OS-independent applications, not being forced to use the OS version of a package, easily reproducible configurations, ...

But still, no Garuda inside of Docker. :joy:


Being able to slap together a docker-compose file with all your containers and pull them all up or down with a single command is tremendously valuable--especially for people like me who occasionally find themselves performing spontaneous server maintenance in a Termux SSH session on their phone. :joy:


@Locutus not to say your emoji spam isn't a compelling argument on its own (:roll_eyes:), but out of curiosity why do you hold this opinion?


@BluishHumility instead of calling something spam that ism't spam just grow up. Don't bother replying to me cause I've already blocked you.

...Did I time warp back to grade school somehow?! :joy:

Isn't it though? Not for nothing, but blasting out a few emojis isn't exactly contributing much to the discussion.

Anyway, sorry I hurt your feelings--that was not my intent. You are obviously welcome to keep your reasons for disliking Docker to yourself, as it appears to be a triggering topic for you. I was only asking out of curiosity.


Don't bother too much with it, I don't get this hate either. At least there will be no more unjustified, disrespectful messages for at least a week. :mute:



Don't get me started on Nextcloud. . .
I recently almost gone insane trying to understand their questionable server encryption setting.
And if you then start wondering how you can configure per use encryption, oh boy!

If anyone can make sense of that and explain it to me I would owe you at least a big coffee.

Dude that shit confused the hell out of me. I wasn't about to go through all that encryption rubbish and domains etc so I just went with the basic http as it's local not on the internet. Probably not the best advice but was the easiest way for me to get it working

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