Garuda Linux on a Gaming Handheld

I would ask, is here in this forum, who have installed Garuda Linux on a Gaming Handheld like Steam Deck, Aya Neo etc. How it was? Simply to install and all devices functioning fine? Which Desktop Environment you use KDE, Gnome, XFE, and it does scale well with resolution from the Display? Running Steam or other Game launcher without problems?

At September, arriving a new generation of Handheld Devices with AMD RDNA 3 graphics. They have a lot of power, so I had read in a preview and it seems, that it is possible playing triple A title at higher resolution like before. Where are they running at the Steam Deck for example, on lower resolution. We would see, i took a lot of information from the YouTube channel ETA Prime. There are testing seems reasonably, and they're testing also with Linux and Game Emulators.

I don't have such devices. However: Since Steam Deck comes with Arch+KDE preinstalled, that should work fine. I guess you could just add the Garuda-sources and install them and would have a "quasi" Garuda without actually reinstalling the OS.


I thought SteamOS was based off of Debian ?!

It was. They changed it to Arch.

Debian aims for stability over up-to-date software, whereas Arch prefers rolling updates. I wouldn’t expect Valve to just push every Arch Linux update to the Deck. They’ll have their own repository for SteamOS. But with Arch, Valve will have less work to do to maintain the libraries and drivers that are being updated. They can grab up-to-date packages from Arch’s repository, ensure they don’t break anything, and then push them as part of a Steam Deck update. It’s the best of both worlds, really.


Finally, up2date packages on SteamOS lol

Or so'd you think...

Firefox is migrated to Flatpak but Plasma is still 5.23.5 (25th Anniversary Edition) and they also can't bump glibc (2.33) because it may break EAC.


If the device is playing games from Steam is it really a security risk?

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SteamOS has a desktop mode, intended to be used by everyone.

I think this guy is being unnecessarily dramatic. Just because a package is six months old doesn't mean it is a security liability.

The millions of servers in the world running Debian stable are currently still on the 5.10 kernel, running glibc 2.31. Should we sound the alarm bells? :rotating_light:

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Not necessarily but at the time the post was written, Firefox was also not up to date with known critical vulnerablities. That is a security risk. Thankfully the browser is now a flatpak so it updates seperately from OS. Old KDE Plasma means possibly more bugs and lack of features. (especially improvements to tablet mode) I don't know if old glibc is a security risk.

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As long as my packages are up2date and look like each other im fine.

That's Steam OS have packages, that they are obsolete, was the reason to try Garuda Linux. At my AMD Advantage Laptop works great. When I get one of these Handhelds, I will write here down my experience.

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