Garuda linux look and feel

I like the overall look and feel of garuda linux and have a small question. Is there a way to have the theme applied on any KDE plasma distro? things like top panel, bottom panel, icons, general theme…etc? is there a step by step guide posted somewhere?

If this is a small question I don’t want to see your big ones.

If you are using another distribution ask them if they can offer a Dragonized version.

In case of emergency go to the system settings, there you can change everything. You should be able to find how to change panels on the net.

The easy way, use Garuda :grin:


There isn’t really a “guide” that I am aware of, but I know people do it. See this topic, for example:

The whole project is open source of course, so everything can be found on GitLab if you do a little digging.

Take notes as you go, and maybe you can be the one to publish a “step-by-step guide”. :wink:


2 solutions one install garuda. haha.

But no really if you don’t like arch which i can understand then the simple way is to install sweet theme in kvantum and kde themes not the global theme but all the parts that make it up its a bit more work but will pay off in the long run.

As for the panels. can just make them yourself.
The main thing would be to add to the left or right depending on where you want it. “windows buttons” widget/ from there all you need fro the top is (from the left) Application launcher - window buttons - widow title - Global menu - Clock - System tray - user switcher {Spacers where you want them}

For the dock make a panel with only icons only task bar and set it to fit content an then you have garuda. grab sweet theme for konsel install an change it to /bin/fish an your there

I also recommend installing forced blur to get that classic garuda blur that kde kinda broke with the rewrite.


Thanks for your reply. I tried to do as you mentioned. Just have couple of questions.
what kind of panels is the top panel? also, I tried to add multiple spacers but could not do it to center the clock . also could not find sweet theme in global themes

For the top panel create a “Empty panel” or “Application menu bar”
As for the spacer you 1 spacer on the left and anther on the right side of the clock. make sure to right click the spacer an set to flexible size.

For the sweet theme as i said you have to get the individual parts. honestly avoid global themes for a while since some like to change the sddm which may not always be compatible, “Still a lot of kde 5 global themes mixed in”
I’ll put pics below for all of it in no real order. As for window decorations you either have to grab that form the garuda gitlab or pick one of the other hundreds of mac like 3 dot ones that suit your preference.

Don’t for get to **download** and set the kvantum theme as well in the app and in settings application style.

When your all done log out then log back in if you changed the icons.


Really thanks for the help. Will try it out

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