Garuda Linux Live USB Stuck on "[OK] Finished LiveMedia Keyring Setup" (230111 Dragonized-Gaming)

Garuda Linux Live USB Stuck on "[OK] Finished LiveMedia Keyring Setup" during boot with flashing cursor just below it... Seems like it's failing to find any extra commands to execute

& There appears to be no Garuda-inxi that I can upload this time...

Also, my specs are:
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600XT
GPU: Nvidia RTX2060
Ram: 2x 8GB 3200Mhz
Storage: 2Tb HDD Only

SMT is on.
Secure Boot is set to "Off".
TPM is still on.

Have you tried booting selecting the "free drivers" GRUB option in the live USB?
How was the USB flashed (Ventoy, Etcher, etc.)?
Checksum was OK?

  1. I'm not really aware of the "Free" drivers, How may I boot via them?

2.I checked the SHA256 Checksum only and it was a 100% match... I used both Balena Etcher & Rufus, and both seem to be getting stuck at the same place...


On live ISO where you change Timezone etc. use


Well, I actually out of curiosity decided to boot via that option, and well it managed to boot into the desktop and allow me to install the OS on my HDD...

Here's the million dollar question though, How can I switch back to proprietary drivers? The Noveau drivers aren't the best with gaming...

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It is an option in the Garuda Setup Assistant and also possible via the HW assistant (Garuda Welcome - > Garuda Settings Manager - > Hardware Configuration)


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