Garuda Linux KDE Gaming? Keeps dimming on me

How to make it stop dimming one me, Not sure what it is? Seems like app or something you have on garuda linux making light dimm. I'm running a desktop pc?

Search for redshift, remove from autostart.


Application Menu > Settings > Energy Saving > Dim screen is another place to adjust and test.


redshiift isn't in Garuda Linux. Right? I never installed it i don't see redshift in autostart

Application Menu search by typing 'redshift''ll see Night Colour.


I think i got it guys thank you been most helpful :smiley: Its not redshift or Night Colour. Night Colour wasn't activated at all. It was what @Stroke_Finger said DiMM was checked. Thanks so much. Awesome distro I'm loving it

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Good. Now learn all you can. :slightly_smiling_face: And...enjoy doing it! :+1:

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