Garuda linux its great but

Love your confidence.

Good for you.


Did you see the question mark?

Nobody appreciates tongue-in-cheek humor anymore, nobody! :wink:

I said congrats. What, did you want my condolences? Thoughts and prayers? :wink:

EDIT: OP, you don't know my history, but I did the same thing, approximately, when I moved to Arch. I just didn't have the confidence to announce it prior to actually, successfully, doing so. Just after the fact. And that was after a substantial amount of time running Linux, in general. Good for you.

I also had some wonderful mentors, and I'd encourage you to pick up a six-pack of them today! :smiley:


will you mentor me or guide me ?.
im basically a noob.


Your best mentor/guide will be archwiki.


I would offer, but I'm just too damned old and there is too much I've forgotten. Look for someone closer to your own age--someone that's going to be around long enough to finish the job.

But thank you for asking. I am very flattered. In all sincerity.

The Arch Wiki is a fabulous guide--the best on the whole 'net. But it won't kick yer ass when it needs to be. :wink:

EDIT: My first Linux mentor was a geek friend in real life--someone who could look over my shoulder. I think that helped tremendously. We're still friends, though I have never quit calling that prick bastard names. :wink:


It's perfectly normal to stay active on the forum. We are plenty of Arch (and Arch based :wink: ) users here.

Using Arch is a mentality of being a control freak, doing all system administration in a DIY manner, so you learn and know how your system works.

Have fun with Arch and give back some knowledge here :wink:


LOLOLOLOL...I've never seen it expressed so, um, succinctly?


I like to speak the truth and from my own experience! :rofl:


Agree perfectly said.


Sorry guys for late answer,was a bit busy at work and playing around with arch.

C00ter im sorry i was misunderstood you,english its mysecond apologize.

i need to say,when i said im moving to arch,im actually already installed after 10 hours of trying:)
So i can say,i inform everyone when i did it,tbh i tried install arch after installed garuda,but failed and when i did i couldnt boot into arch and i finally find out why after 2 weeks of trying why.

problem was with ''os-prober-will not be executed to detect other bootable partitions.''

i found solution very quickly and have learn to read very carefully warnings.
I really love it arch,freedom and how powerful is.
2 days ago i was mess up arch bootloader,because i changed hardrive,when i put back,i couldnt find solution how solve my problem and dont had much time so decided to back using garuda temporary,when i will have more time i will install again arch.
I can see i need to learn so many things and read.

Thats my short story about installing arch,i made it yes,but this is just beginning:)


Not unusual for fledglings.

The important thing is that you kept at it until you solved the problem, the original definition of a "Hacker." So now you are one! And yeah, warnings, journals, logs are infinitely important if you want to fix your own internet vehicle.

BTW, you really only need os-prober if you are installing more than one operating system. If you do, think about it beforehand.

You've got the bug now. There's no turning back for you. Learning Linux, especially Arch, always reminds me of learning to skydive and a quote by Saint-Exupéry, the patron saint of skydivers, paraphrasing:

"For once you have tasted flight, you will walk the earth with your face turned ever skyward, for there you have been and there you long to return."

You've tasted the freedom Arch offers and there is no turning back for you now.

Learning to use chroot and learning more about GRUB will help you a lot. That info is here and in the Arch Wiki.

I envy you more than you will ever know. At some point you will look back at this moment...and want to do it all over again. It's the journey that matters. Once you have achieved what you want, you no longer want it.

And I've changed my mind. If you get stumped and your back is against the wall (with Arch), feel free to ask me here or message me if it's personal. I'll be hanging around here for a time while I continue my journey. I do not feel that I am yet ready to mentor, but I will do my very best to help you. Helping you, helps me. But be warned: I'm old, grumpy, and do not acknowledge shirkers. :slight_smile:

And also this: The developers and others involved in Garuda are really topnotch at what they do. I've known a few of them for a few years, and they know their stuff.

My Very Best Regards


I simply agree.

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C00ter thank you very much for your time for answer me,im really appreciate!
Just installed again arch on my laptop,Your post remind me why i install arch on the first place,so i decided to find time and do it again:)

I want to learn more about arch,so i will try read everyday arch wiki and forum,as much as i can,also i will play around with arch on my own,

Thank you very much for offering me help about arch, before i will ask u for help i will do research on my own,i dont like waste your time.

Im really thank You,for this community and for chance to using Garuda Linux,You inspired me to learn more about linux,

lets start again playing with arch:)

My Very Best Regards


Wherever your Linux journey takes you, it is nice to see you are off to a good start. Bon Voyage, and as we say on Vulcan, "May you live long and prosper."



um, actually garuda is a great os i fell in love the day i saw it but the thing is , i acctually moved from kali to garuda bcoz i like hacking but garuda olso offers black arch edtion just buy typing sudo pacman -S garuda-blackarch and that's why i was sold , it offers many tools like metasploit-framework , wifite ,aircrack-ng and .etc . but what i really want to see is all and every pen-testing tool , garuda repository only has the famous ones but not the basic ones so i use additional black arch repositery curl -O && echo f014a9d2884252349241a8bde76a539fad9fd1bb | sha1sum -c && sh but the things i want to see in garuda are

many tools

tools in application launcher (a seperate part for garuda security or security)

pls :slightly_smiling_face: :pray:

I think this would be unmanageable.
I'm sure I once read almost the same also on Kali: they highly discouraged the installation of the most complete package, not to mention the ISO build, which would be more than 10GB. They clearly encouraged to start learning, understand the always limited set of tools needed for your job and even possibly removing the unneeded, creating your own ISO with the right tools, or better different ISO for each customer, project etc. Since they encouraged separating the projects with different VMs.
You'll have to install the tools you need.
Do not install too much, also for stability reasons.
And remember, this is Garuda not a pentesting company, so you'll be on your own for those tools


all i was sayin that garuda repositery should have all the tools i dont mean to install it by deafult

Ok sorry, I misunderstood, because that was asked in the past.
I assumed that adding the blackarch repository was enough... My bad.
Maybe this todo is still valid?

Just found, haven't read it...
Edit: I think that was only the todo metioning the creation of Garuda Dragonized Blackarch, which came later...

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pacman -Ss garuda-blackarch
chaotic-aur/garuda-blackarch 1.1.0-1
    Garuda BlackArch settings

This package only provides the configs for Garuda Dr460nized Blackarch. in order to be able to install the tools that come with that image it makes sense you would have to add the repository manually.


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